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Early Intervention

Research has proven that early intervention is a key to improving delayed developmental milestones. We provide early intervention services to target social readiness, self-help skills, functional communication and academic readiness.


Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups are research driven. They target social engagement and include a variety of skills-based activities. During these group activities, children have the opportunity to learn and develop with their peers, while clinicians monitor their progress and support them when social interactions may be difficult. 


1:1 ABA Therapy

This model of ABA therapy is dedicated to providing children with the one-on-one time that is needed to address difficult behaviors or impairments in communication and self-help skills. Your child will be paired with a clinican based on their need, that will provide the support necessary to help them reach their goals. 


Parent/Caregiver Training

Parent training is a service that allows professional clinicians to work collaboratively with caregivers to address their child's needs across settings. During parent training, caregivers are coached on the same techniques and methods that clinicians use during ABA therapy to ensure your child is receiving consistent, therapeutic care.


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